Multi Skilled Entrepreneur, Strategist and inspirational Speaker


2017 - Present

WOW Coaching Services Business strategist, sales trainer, HR consultant and customer focus provider Artists and speakers coach, creative                                              content and success strategist                         


Sales Manager Aliter Networks

Green IT, Multitask Sales Executive, IT Trader, 2000 clients in 100 countries in the world. Buy and Sell IT ressources. A company in the company, Only contact point with customers, from cold calling to customer service. Results: 1M USD products sold over 400 deals made.

refused permanent contract to stay entrepreneur


Account Manager, E-marketing consultant

@Response concepts, Stayed a couple of months didn t like the mindset of this company, but long enough to close 45 deals and consult as many companies on their e-marketing strategy, e-mailing, lead generation and SEO.


Quality and productivity Coach, Nike

@convergys, Amsterdam. Implemented Nike policies in their European CS Headquarters. Graded and trained a team of 20 agents on their communication, way to handle dificult cases, and respecting the core values of a global brand.


Owner and Director of Theatre La Cible, Paris

Artistic Director, Programed more than 300 Artists in 3 years. Artistic coach and lead performer. Content creator, Sales management and casting strategies, tripled the investment in a sector surrounded by a lot of competition (Moulin Rouge Area)


Artist, performer, writer and producer

From Disney shows to TV, From classical theatre to STAND-UP comedy, from Voice over artist to writer, I have occupied all the positions in the show business and performed thousands of times.  Check out for more details, videos, interviews and hundred of reviews.


Bar and Restaurant Manager

Grown up in the grand parents family restaurant, and worked in about 25 restaurants and bars in Paris, to become Amnesia Cafe day manager and night DJ, secretly want to open a concept restaurant.

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Best speaker award



JT FOXX Organisation

Life time member, Seminars every months all over the worldwith Class A Mentors. world class entrepreneurs and each time 40 concrete business cases to strategise.               Coaches and mentors: JT Foxx, Cherie Eilertsen, Jeff Fallon, Kevin France, Reggie Batts, Jason Gilbert, Rose Chastain, Coach D, Angelo, Sean Dercksen…


Sales coaching ‎Mulder & Kohl B.V.

For Aliter Networks.Training in Sales, Cold calling, Pitch Elevator, Handeling Objections, Closing Deals and role plays on a weekly basis.

For Aliter Networks.Training in Sales, Cold calling, Pitch Elevator, Handeling Objections, Closing Deals and role plays on a weekly basis.


Certified Quality Coach for Nike

And I got a nice plastic diploma for this 🙂


Production and diffusion of Comedy Shows

Theatre le Bout, Paris. Did one year of show production and management school before buying one of their 2 theatres.


Musical interpretation, La Manufacture de la Chanson

Singing and musical expression, vocal training, Feldenkrais method


Pluridisciplinal Artistic school

Ecole des 3 Arts, Acting, Singing, Dancing , writing… with mentors that are famous in the french show business, I never learned more about human behaviour than when I learned how to act… also did  1 year at Les Cours Jean Perimony,  Paris 


Bachelor Degree and University of Economics

I dropped out the second university year,  got a JOB right away and never learned as many things than since I learn them myself.


Self-development, Psychology, NLP,  Naturopathy, Graphic designs,  Web development,  WordPress, Photoshop, Montage, Musician (singer and guitarist) , Real Estate Investor, Sustainability. magic, mentalism, Juggling,  cooking, fitness, martial arts, poker, cinema, Spirituality.


French Native, English near bilingual (lived abroad for 5 years) English with a french accent that people find adorable (and that is a lot of work to not loose) cambridge first certificate. notions of Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch, and pretty much all other languages after a few glasses of Vine.